Back in February of this year I received a $100.00 Google AdWords Gift Card from I knew about AdWords but nothing about how it worked, so I put the gift card away to use later. But then I read the conditions again and the coupon had to be used before March 31, 2011. Not wanting to loose it, I decided to sign up and create my first AdWords. I didn’t bother to learn much about it, I had $100.00 to burn so it didn’t matter whether it brought in sales or not. I let it ride and didn’t pay much attention to it. Received messages from Google but didn’t bother much about reading them. I didn’t know how long the $100.00 would last but my chosen words didn’t seem to be picked up much so it seemed that there was still money available from the gift card.

I guess I didn’t realize (or didn’t think) that once the $100.00 were exhausted they would charge my credit card and would not have to warn me about it. Etsy changes the default search from recency to relevancy – at least that is what I think caused my problem. I received my August credit card statement and going through all the charges I found one charge from Google for $75.00. Wow! What is this? Decided to investigate; went to my google adwords site and found the day by day charges for hits on my chosen words which had increased tremendously, still without any sale results mind you, but accumulating a big debt. By then, on top of the $75. they had already charged to my credit card, my debt was already passing the $85. mark. Since I didn’t know what else to do, I cancelled the ad before it bankrupted me.

I am not writing this post to criticize Google AdWords. My reason for venting is to warn other sellers to be more careful than I was. Learn how it works before you venture forward blindly. My carelessness cost me $160.00. Next time I try to create another Ad, I will make sure first that I understand how it works.

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